What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday February 15th, 2012

Not too much worth watching on tonight. Check out what there is below.

9:00 – Modern Family – ” Aunt Mommy” - Phil and Claire go overboard with drinks—and divulging personal information—on a night out to celebrate the sale of a house to Mitchell and Cameron’s friends. ABC

9:00 – Nova – “Extreme Cave Diving” - Earth’s climate history is explored via underwater caves that were formed during the last ice age (when the sea level was almost 400 feet lower than it is today) by ecological anthropologist Kenny Broad and a team of climatologists, paleontologists and anthropologists. PBS

9:30 – Happy Endings – “Everybody Loves Grant ” - Max’s new beau is a hit with everyone, save for Dave, who sets out to prove he’s equally cool, while Max worries that he himself can’t measure up to his “perfect” guy. ABC

10:00 – Face Off – “Triple Threat” - The contestants have to do old age make up on triplets. SyFy

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