What’s Good on the TV? – Wednesday May 16th, 2012

Koalas having chlamydia isn’t funny. The rest of the shows will be though.

8:00 – Nature – “Cracking the Koala Code” - A look at koalas that live in the suburbs of Brisbane, Australia, where the cuddly creatures deal with societal pressures, conflict, disease, overcrowding and the stress that comes with encroaching civilization. PBS

9:00 – Modern Family – “Tableau Vivant” – Alex’s school project on family harmony is in jeopardy when it seems no one can get along, which is exemplified by Jay and Gloria’s spat over lunch and Manny getting upset by Luke accepting an award he may not deserve. ABC

10:00 – Total Blackout – “Buddy System” – Coffins, pitfalls and poison play roles in challenges. SyFy

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