What’s Good on the TV? – Tuesday October 30th, 2012

There’s a whole bunch of stuff on tonight, It’s almost like Tuesday thinks it’s the comedy version of Sunday.

8:00 – Raising Hope – “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Me What to Do” - Burt scouts out a gay bar when Jimmy is invited to meet Sabrina’s friend and his partner, but Virginia wonders why her husband starts spending so much time there, so she decides to find out for herself on Halloween. FOX

8:30 – Ben and Kate – “Scaredy Kate” - BJ helps Kate find a costume to wear to an attractive neighbor’s Halloween party. FOX

9:00 – Face Off – “Immortal Enemies” - The remaining three artists are tasked with creating Halloween-themed characters, which they then must have perform in a choreographed stunt show. SyFy

9:00 – Happy Endings – “Sabado Free-Gante” - Dave and Alex’s inability to commit to a new apartment proves to be quite a challenge for their real-estate agent, while Jane pulls out all the stops when she takes Penny car shopping. ABC

9:00 – New Girl – “Halloween” - Jess gets hired as a zombie at a haunted house. FOX

10:00 – Go On – “Videogame, Set, Match” – Ryan becomes a big-brother figure for Owen. NBC

10:00 – Sons of Anarchy – “Ablation” - Alliances are pushed to the breaking point. FX

10:00 – Tosh.O – Daniel models his Halloween costume; and helps catch an Internet monster. Comedy Central

10:00 – Total Blackout – “Don’t Burst Your Bubble Helmet” - Season 2 begins tonight. SyFy

10:00 – Brickleberry – “Gay Bomb” - A controversy-courting church gathers at Brickleberry with Woody’s permission, but Connie makes herself scarce due to her history with the group’s policies, and in the process discovers a secret military installation. Comedy Central 

10:30 – The New Normal – “Para-New Normal Activity” - Bryan basks in the Halloween spirit by decorating the house, going to a pumpkin patch to spot celebrities and ruling over everyone’s costumes. David finally rebels when Bryan insists on having a Honey Boo Boo theme. NBC

10:30 – Viral Video Showdown – “Real Life Movie Trailer” - Viral videos are created by two teams competing for a cash prize and bragging rights as the series begins with a movie-trailer challenge. SyFy


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