What’s Good on the TV? – Tuesday October 16th, 2012

Another presidential debate is on tonight, so the network offerings are slim.

8:00 – Raising Hope – “Throw Maw Maw From the House” - The Chances’ plot to spring Maw Maw from a nursing home hits a snag when Virginia begins to wonder if she’ll receive better care there than at home. FOX

8:30 – Ben and Kate – “21st Birthday” – Ben throws Kate the 21st-birthday party she never had. He invites her high-school friend Molly to the bash, but Tommy isn’t happy about the additional guest. FOX

9:00 – Face Off – “Junkyard Cyborg” – Material from a junkyard must be used in a cyborg challenge. SyFy

10:00 – Hot Set – “Basement of Horrors” - Two production designers are tasked with creating a serial killer’s secret lair for a horror movie. SyFy

10:00 -Tosh.O - A Web Redemption for an armless girl. Comedy Central

10:30 – Brickleberry – “Squabbits” - Competition with Yellowstone prompts Woody’s plan to spotlight cute animals, so Steve hatches an idea for a squirrel-rabbit hybrid. Comedy Central 

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