What’s Good on the TV? – Tuesday March 13th, 2012

Comedy, reality, and Justified!

8:00 – Raising Hope – “Spanks Butt, No Spanks” - Hope’s increasingly bad behavior leads to Virginia and Burt’s suggestion to Jimmy that spanking might be the answer, since it worked like a charm when he was little. FOX

8:00 – The Biggest Loser - The teams are dissolved, leaving the nine remaining players to compete on their own. NBC

8:30 – Cougar Town – “A One Story Town” - Jules and Co. coax Bobby to put the moves on his new girlfriend, Angie. ABC

9:00 – New Girl – “Control” – Jess encourages Schmidt to go on strike at the loft after noticing he does all of the housework with no help from the others. FOX

10:00 – Justified – “Loose Ends” - Raylan pursues a Dixie Mafia soldier who could be the key to nabbing Quarles; Ava protects an imperiled prostitute by any means necessary. FX

10:00 – Top Shot – “Swing Into Action” – A kinetic battle features pirate tactics and a Kentucky flintlock pistol. Later, two marksmen wield a durable pistol in the elimination challenge. History

10:00 – Tosh.O – Parkour girl gets a web redemption. Comedy Central

10:30 – Key & Peele – Sketches include the Tea Party’s new hope; innovative military recruiters; and a duel between vocalist Bobby McFerrin and sound-effect expert Michael Winslow. Comedy Central 

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