What’s Good on the TV? – Tuesday January 22nd, 2013

Raising Hope - What Happens at Howdys Doesnt Stay at HowdysABC isn’t airing Happy Endings tonight. Way to blow it, ABC. The above picture is from Raising Hope.

8:00 – Raising Hope – ” What Happens at Howdy’s Doesn’t Stay at Howdy’s” - Due to a history of irresponsible behavior, Jimmy balks at Frank’s idea for a bachelor party, but gives in when Sabrina persuades him to have fun. It’s too late to reconsider, however, once Frank’s true intentions are revealed. FOX

8:30 – Ben and Kate – “Bake Off” - Ben grows concerned about the future of Rail Mall when his new business partner starts bringing in more associates to expand their plan. FOX

9:00 – Face Off – “Heroic Proportions” - The artists create original superheroes for the season’s first individual Spotlight Challenge, and the winner will have their design featured in a comic book printed by DC Comics. SyFy.

9:00 – Go On – “Comeback Player of the Year” - Ryan worries that the group chemistry will transform for the worse when a popular and attractive member returns. NBC

9:00 – New Girl – “Pepperwood” - Nick suspects that one of Jess’ night-school students is hiding something; Winston and Cece have an embarrassing encounter. FOX

10:00 – Cougar Town – “Between Two Worlds” - Jules frets about a lack of passion in her marriage to Grayson, but input from Ellie makes their relationship almost too hot to handle. TBS

10:00 – Justified – “Truth and Consequences” - Raylan finds himself in trouble with the FBI. Meanwhile, the church strikes back at Boyd. FX

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