What’s Good on the TV? – Tuesday January 15th, 2013

Happy Endings - The Ex FactorThere’s a lot of good stuff on tonight, especially at 9.

8:00 – Betty White’s Off Their Rockers - Old people prank younger people with their oldness. NBC

8:00 – Raising Hope – “Lord of the Ring” – Jimmy signs up for a series of medical experiments to pay for an engagement ring for Sabrina, even though she says it’s not necessary. FOX

8:30 – Ben and Kate – “Girl Problems” - Tommy introduces his new girlfriend, Lila, to the gang, and Kate tries to get to know her better. FOX

9:00 – Face Off – “Make it Reign” - Season 4 begins. SyFy

9:00 – Go On – “Gooooaaaallll Doll” - Ryan decides to go on his first date, but he’s on a slippery slope when snowboarder Shaun White ends up being his romantic rival. NBC

9:00 – Happy Endings – “The Ex Factor” - Jane’s ex comes to town for a visit, and Brad is shocked to discover that “Ryan” is a woman. ABC

9:00 – New Girl – “A Father’s Love” - Jess tries to help Nick repair his relationship with his con-man father, but Nick worries that his dad is only using him in a scheme. FOX

10:00 – Cougar Town – “I Need to Know” - Jules excuses Travis from “family night,” but is worried by his extended absence. TBS

10:00 – Justified – “Where’s Waldo” - Raylan tangles with members of a dangerous family. FX

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