What’s Good on the TV? – Tuesday February 19th, 2013

Cult - Youre NextThere’s a lot more on when there aren’t any political speeches on every channel.

8:00 – Raising Hope – “Arbor Daze” – Sabrina is visited by the Ghost of Arbor Day Past, Present and Future in the middle of the night when she clashes with the Chances over their observation of the eco-friendly holiday. FOX

9:00 – Cult – “You’re Next” – The dark underworld of a popular TV show is explored in the opener of this series following a journalist who investigates the mysterious disappearance of his brother. CW

9:00 – Face Off – “Bugging Out” - After choosing abstract, microscopic images, the artists are told they must use them as inspiration for creepy-crawly creations. SyFy

9:00 – Go On – “Go Deep” – Ryan stages a work walkout when he’s forced to read a commercial for a male-enhancement product. NBC

9:00 – New Girl – “Parking Spot” – Schmidt discovers a primo parking spot, which the roommates then fight over. FOX

10:00 – Justified – “Money Trap” - An old enemy causes trouble for Raylan. FX

10:00 – Tosh.O - Internet videos and stuff. Comedy Central 

10:30 – The Jeselnik Offensive - Another show where comedians talk about recent news. Couldn’t they have called this “Also The Burn”? Comedy Central 

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