What’s Good on the TV? (And Why) – Tuesday April 23rd, 2013

rcl finaleThere isn’t much on tonight, but if you celebrate 4/20 and Earth Day all week long you’ll have a couple worthy things to occupy your time.


10:00 – Robot Combat League - One robot is crowned the winner when Season 1 comes to an end. SyFy
Why Should I Watch? – Maybe you have leftovers from Saturday? And it’s still robots fighting. However rigged or sparkalicious it may seem.


10:30 – The Jeselnik Offensive - Kumail Nanjiani and Reggie Watts are the guests in the Season 1 finale. Comedy Central
Why Should I Watch? – This show has been a pleasant surprise most of the season, his guests tonight are funny, and next Tuesday this time slot will be occupied by Amy Schumer’s show. The timeslot dies tonight!

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