What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday March 15th, 2012

A lot of comedy tonight, including the return of Community.

8:00 – Community – “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” - Andre and Shirley plan to remarry, throwing Annie and Britta into wedding-planning mode. Jeff, meanwhile, prepares a speech while Troy and Abed practice acting normal. Elsewhere, Pierce and Shirley present a sandwich-shop proposal to Dean Pelton. NBC

8:30 – 30 Rock – “St. Patrick’s Day” - Liz gets her Irish up on St. Patrick’s Day when crude and rude ex-boyfriend Dennis unexpectedly arrives and complicates her relationship with Criss. NBC

9:00 – The Office – “Get the Girl” - Andy makes a game-changing decision and takes a road-trip odyssey in the name of romance. Elsewhere, Nellie arrives at the Scranton branch and sets out to seize the manager position. NBC

10:00 – Archer – “Space Race – Part 1″ - In Part 1 of the Season 3 finale, Archer and his ISIS colleagues boldly go to the final frontier to prevent a catastrophe aboard the International Space Station. I promise I’ll write about this at some point. FX

10:00 – Awake – “Guilty” – Michael’s parallel realities begin spinning into chaos when his son is kidnapped by an on-the-lam convict who has a connection to Michael’s past. In his other dimension, Michael searches for a missing teenage boy, yet developments in both worlds cause others to doubt Michael’s sanity. NBC

12:00 – Delocated – “Friend” - I need to get back into writing about this too. I’ve been busy! “Jon” discovers he has no friends and the Mirminsky’s hire a new employee. Maybe it’s Todd Barry? Cartoon Network

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