What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday March 14th, 2013

parks and rec bailoutNBC is strong tonight. Unfortunately it’s still failing as a network.

8:00 – Community – “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking” – The group try to secure a grant for medical research to get to the bottom of Chang’s amnesia. Abed uses the opportunity to film a documentary, while Jeff becomes suspicious that Chang’s memory loss isn’t quite what it seems. NBC

8:30 – Parks and Recreation – “Bailout” - Leslie is determined to help a local video store stay in business, while Chris offers Tom advice on how to deal with a difficult employee. NBC

9:00 – Person of Interest – “All In” - Reese and Finch visit Atlantic City to investigate an elderly gambler whose number has come up. CBS

9:00 – The Office – “The Farm” – The adventures of Dwight at his family beet farm and bed-and-breakfast come to light. NBC

10:00 – Archer – “The Honeymooners” – Archer and Lana pose as newlyweds while attempting to prevent a sale of enriched uranium. FX

10:00 – The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman – “Ben Redecorates” - Todd Bridges tells another crack story too! Comedy Central

10:30 – Legit – “Bag Lady” – Jim sneaks a celebrity out of his house, which is swarmed by paparazzi. FX

10:30 – Nathan For You – “Clothing Store/Restaurant” – The security guard is really the star of this episode. Comedy Central

12:00 – Newsreaders – “Epic Fail” – Skip Reports on modern air travel. Adult Swim

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