What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday February 28th, 2013

Community - Alternative History of the German InvasionTwo new Comedy Central shows start tonight. One has been reviewed on The Never Not a Nerd Show, the other will be reviewed tomorrow.

8:00 – Community – “Alternative History of the German Invasion” - The gang begin a European history course after missing out on an ice-cream class. Adding to their misery is an encounter with the arrogant German students they battled last year. NBC

10:00 – Archer – “Live and Let Dine” –  Archer, Lana and Cyril go on an undercover mission in a celebrity chef’s kitchen. FX

10:00 – The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman – “Ben Buys a Gun” - You’re going to want to DVR this. There was a sketch in this episode that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. Comedy Central

10:30 – Legit – “Health” - Jim seeks acting lessons and career advice from Andy Dick. FX

10:30 – Nathan For You – “Yougurt;Pizza” - Comedian Nathan Fielder gives marketing advice to small businesses in this series, which begins with a campaign for a frozen-yogurt shop to offer an unconventional flavor; and a plan for speedier pizza delivery. Comedy Central

12:00 – Newsreaders – “Unborn Again” - Louis meets a father and son who aren’t on good terms, and attends an abortion protest. Adult Swim

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