What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday December 6th, 2012

Thursday Night Comedy!

8:00 – 30 Rock – “My Whole Life is Thunder” - Jenna is angry at Liz for getting married; Jack orchestrates an intricate plot to avoid disappointing his mother; and Tracy joins forces with a TV luminary to lift Kenneth’s spirits. NBC

9:00 – Person of Interest – “C.O.D.” - Finch and Reese must decide how to deal with a cab driver’s passengers after his number comes up. CBS

9:00 – The Office – “Dwight Christmas” - When the office holiday party fizzles, Dwight throws a traditional Schrute German Christmas. NBC

9:30 – Parks and Recreation – “Ron and Diane” - Ron’s new girlfriend, Diane, meets his ex-wife Tammy Two when they all attend a woodworking-awards dinner. At the same time, Jerry throws a holiday party and not everyone is invited. NBC

10:00 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – “Charlie Rules the World” - The gang develops an unhealthy obsession with video games. FX

10:30 – The League – “Anchor Baby” - Ruxin fears that Sofia has lost interest in their marriage. FX

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