What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday April 4th, 2013

Hannibal - AperitifGet your DVRs ready, it’s a busy night. New Girl is on tonight, because why keep its night and time continuous for fans of the show?

8:00 – Community – “Herstory of Dance” - Britta protests the dean’s Sadie Hawkins dance by organizing a competing Sophie B. Hawkins soirĂ©e, but she doesn’t realize she’s honoring the wrong woman. NBC

8:30 – Parks and Recreation – “Partridge” - Leslie accompanies Ben on a trip to his hometown of Partridge, Minn., where he has been offered a key to the city. NBC

9:00 – New Girl – “First Date” - Jess and Nick attempt to break out of relationship limbo by going on a date. But when Schmidt and Winston catch wind of their plans, they try to sabotage the romantic outing. FOX

9:00 – Person of Interest – “Trojan Horse” - Finch goes undercover at a corporation to investigate its leading tech executive. CBS

9:00 – The Office – “Promos” - Excitement fills the office when promos begin airing on television for their documentary. NBC

9:30 – Go On – “Fast Breakup” - Ryan becomes jealous of a mascot. NBC

10:00 – Archer – “Sea Tunt: Part 1″ - Cheryl travels to the Bermuda Triangle with her brother and his girlfriend in Part 1 of the two-part Season 4 finale. FX

10:00 – Hannibal – “Aperitif” – Gifted criminal profiler Will Graham teams with cunning psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter to solve a string of brutal murders. NBC

10:00 – The Ben Show with Ben Hoffman – “Ben Takes Ambien” - Ben takes a sedative. Comedy Central

10:30 – Legit – “Misunderstood” - An actress accuses Jim of attempted rape. FX

10:30 – Nathan For You – “Funeral Home; Burger Joint; Skydiving” - A struggling funeral home; a restaurant’s claim that it has the best burger in Los Angeles. Also: Nathan goes skydiving. Comedy Central

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