What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday April 12th

It’s Thursday Comedy night. Along with some other stuff.

8:30 – 30 Rock – “Meet the Woggels! ” - When a health scare sends Jack’s mother to the hospital, Liz prods Jack to at long last reveal his true feelings to her. NBC

9:00 – The Office – “Welcome Party” – Robert presses the staffers to throw a welcome party for Nellie, but the party planners try to sabotage the bash. NBC

9:00 – Touch – “Entanglement” - Martin’s laptop is stolen on the day of an important evaluation for Jake, leading to the elder Bohm getting involved in a Salvadoran woman’s mission to avenge her family’s death. FOX

10:00 – Awake – “Ricky’s Tacos” - A surprise tip directs Britten to a barren warehouse that’s connected to a case he handled prior to his life-altering accident. FOX

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