What’s Good on the TV? – Thursday May 17th, 2012

Thursday Comedy ends for the foreseeable future.

8:00 – Community – “Digital Estate Planning” - Pierce fights for his inheritance after being summoned to Hawthorne Enterprises by his deceased father’s right-hand man. The study group tag along to offer their support and soon get involved in the battle. NBC

8:30 – 30 Rock – “What Will Happen to the Gang Next Year?” - Jack sets out to prove his marriage is still strong in the wake of Avery’s kidnapping, so he plans a vow renewal—with Liz officiating the event. NBC

9:00 – Community – “The First Chang Dynasty” – The group plan a sneak attack to loosen Chang’s grip on Greendale. With Chang’s birthday plans serving as a distraction, Jeff and the gang make their move.  NBC

9:00 – Person of Interest – “Firewall” - A psychologist is in trouble, and the FBI closes in on Reese in the Season 1 finale. CBS

9:00 – Touch – “Tessellations” - Martin’s mistaken for a crook, but to get a dockworker’s job back he must take part in a robbery. FOX

9:30 – Community – “Introduction to Finality” – Jeff represents Shirley in a dispute with Pierce, who, in turn, retains the services of Jeff’s former colleague. NBC

10:00 – Awake – “Two Birds” – In Part 1 of the two-part Season 1 finale, truths about Britten’s life-altering accident begin to surface as menacing conspiracies jeopardize both of his worlds; and Britten becomes a target when he turns vigilante and pursues Det. Hawkins.  NBC

12:00 – Eagleheart – “Tinselwood” - The Marshall need to stop a celebrity killer. Adult Swim 

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