What’s Good on the TV? – Sunday October 14th, 2012

The return of The Walking Dead, and other things.

8:00 – Once Upon a Time – “Lady of the Lake” – Emma and Mary Margaret get help searching for a gateway back to Storybrooke; and Henry advises Jefferson to reunite with Paige. ABC

9:00 – Boardwalk Empire – “You’d Be Surprised” – Nucky has a tense meeting with an agitated Rothstein about a recent disruption in their business arrangement as it relates to Gyp Rosetti. HBO

9:00 – Dexter – “Buck the System” - Dexter takes aim at a new target and attempts to get Debra to pitch in; the Ukrainian mob sets out to avenge the killing of a member; and Quinn gets chummy with a dancer at the mob’s strip joint. Showtime

9:00 – The Walking Dead – “Seed” – Rick comes upon a potential sanctuary and pushes the group to secure the area. AMC

10:00 – Copper – “A Day to Give Thanks” – Corcoran struggles to keep himself together on Thanksgiving after a shocking discovery shakes him to the core. BBC America

10:00 – Homeland – “State of Independence” – The results of Carrie’s Beirut mission lead her to believe that she’ll be rejoining the CIA; and Brody discovers that the bomb maker is on a watch list and in imminent danger of being caught. Showtime

10:00 – Treme – “The Greatest Love” - L.P. continues to dig deeper into his investigation of police cover-ups and corruption after Katrina, but worries that his work is starting to attract some unwanted attention. HBO

12:00 – Robot Chicken – “Hurtled From a Helicopter Into a Speeding Train” - Stop motion craziness. Adult Swim

12:15 – Superjail! – “Uh-Oh Magic” - The warden becomes a ventriloquist but loses control of his dummy. Adult Swim 

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