What’s Good on the TV? – Sunday March 24th, 2013

Bob's Burgers - It Snakes a VillageIt’s Sunday! But you knew that from the title!

8:30 – Bob’s Burgers – “It Snakes a Village” - On a family visit to her mother’s Florida retirement home, Linda is shocked to discover that the place is swimming with swinging seniors. FOX

9:00 – The Walking Dead – “The Sorrowful Life” – A possible truce with the Governor comes with strings attached for Rick and the group. AMC

9:30 – American Dad! – “Spelling Bee My Baby” – Francine realizes that it might be as easy as ABC for Steve to get into a top-notch school when she discovers he has an exceptional talent for spelling, but not all is A-OK when she suspects that he’s being distracted by a young lady. FOX

10:00 – House of Lies – “All In” - Marty looks to solidify a future career opportunity, while Jeannie has misgivings about hers; and Doug needs to step up his social-networking skills when a promising business opportunity drops in his lap. Showtime

10:00 – Vikings – “Trial” - The Vikings return to England; the earl plants a spy within Ragnar’s crew. History

12:00 – Loiter Squad – “Jason’s Lyric” - Craziness. Adult Swim


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