What’s Good on the TV? – Sunday May 27th, 2012

Game of Thrones! Does anything else matter?

9:00 – Game of Thrones – “Blackwater” - The Lannisters’ control of King’s Landing is in peril when Stannis’ fleet launches an all-out assault. HBO

9:00 – The Killing – “72 Hours” – Sarah is at her wit’s end; Stan tries to mend fences; and Richmond gets a surprise boost in the mayoral race. AMC

10:00 – Mad Men – “The Other Woman” – Don deals with a challenging pitch, while Peggy ponders taking a trip. AMC

10:00 – Veep – “Baseball” - Selina hosts a conference to promote healthful eating at Baltimore’s Camden Yards baseball park, but her pitch is balked at by some foul-tempered fast-food executives. HBO

12:15 – Metalocalypse – “Bookklok” - Toki writes a tell-all book about Skwisgaar and becomes lead guitarist of the band. Adult Swim 

12:30 -The Eric Andre Show –  “Russell Brand” - It’s going to be crazy. Adult Swim 

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