What’s Good on the TV? – Sunday May 13th, 2012

It’s Sunday night, so there’s a ton of choices. Choose wisely.

8:30 – Bob’s Burgers – “Bad Tina” – Tina befriends a bad girl in a bid to get closer to Jimmy Junior. FOX

9:00 – Game of Thrones – “A Man Without Honor” – Cersei has advice for Sansa; Jaime encounters a distant relative; Daenerys is invited to enter the House of the Undying in Qarth; Theon heads a search party; Jon loses his way in the wilderness. HBO

9:00 – Sherlock – “The Hounds of Baskerville” – Sherlock and Watson investigating a murder that occurred 20 years earlier. It was witnessed by the victim’s son, who claims his father was killed by a monstrous hound.  PBS

9:00 – The Killing – “Off the Reservation” – Holder disappears and a desperate Sarah goes looking for him; Stan decides to take matters into his own hands; and Richmond returns to City Hall. AMC

9:30 – American Dad! – “Toy Whorey” – Stan takes Steve to Mexico to help his teen son grow up. When they get there, they’re kidnapped by a drug cartel, and it turns out that only Steve has a chance to free them. FOX

10:00 – Mad Men – “Dark Shadows” -Don’s competitive nature comes to the fore; Roger pursues some new clients; Sally is met with a challenge. AMC

10:00 – The Borgias – “Day of Ashes” – Alexander is convinced that a lightning strike on St. Peter’s Basilica was an ominous sign of God’s disapproval, so he begins a taxing fast for Lent.  Showtime

10:30 – Veep – “Chung” – Dan and Amy try to figure out if an Asian-American war hero-cum-governor could be a political threat to Selina. HBO

12:15 – Metalocalypse – “Prankklok” - Nathan and Pickles celebrate the release of their newest album by going on vacation. Adult Swim 

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