What’s Good on the TV? – Sunday November 18th, 2012

Guys! There is still a show called Dog With a Blog. This DOG has a BLOG. What a world we live in!

8:00 – Dog With a Blog – “Wing Stan” -  Tyler invites a cute new neighbor to walk their dogs together and gets Stan to be his wingman; Chloe asks Bennett to speak at her school. Disney

8:00 – The Simpsons – “Penny-Wiseguys” - Homer is thrown for a loop when he discovers one of his bowling buddies is an accountant for the mob, while Lisa passes out during a saxophone solo and decides to add an extra nutritional supplement, insects, to her vegetarian diet. But when she dreams of the bugs pleading for their lives, she reconsiders her decision. FOX

8:30 – Bob’s Burgers – “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal” - Bob’s plans for his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, change when Mr. Fischoeder (voice of Kevin Kline) hires him as his chef, and Linda and the kids to play his family, as he tries to stage a perfect holiday dinner in order to make a former flame jealous. FOX

9:00 – Boardwalk Empire – “A Man, a Plan…” – At Nucky’s behest, Owen intervenes in the Gyp Rosetti-Joe Masseria alliance in New York, and Gaston Means tries to keep Jess Smith from talking in Washington, D.C. HBO

9:00 – Dexter – “Argentina” - Dexter attempts to keep his relationship with Hannah a secret from Debra, but that gets blown out of the water when Astor, Cody and Harrison pay him a surprise visit and the news leaks out. Showtime

9:00 – Family Guy – “Joe’s Revenge” - The gunman who shot Joe and put him in a wheelchair escapes, so Quagmire and Peter join Joe to track him down. FOX

9:00 – The Walking Dead – “Hounded” - Andrea and the Governor bond, while Michonne comes to a decision about Woodbury. AMC

9:30 – American Dad! – “American Stepdad” - After Stan’s stepfather dies, he invites his mother (guest voice Swoosie Kurtz) to move in. Initially, Roger isn’t pleased that he must share the attic with her, but he soon softens and the two roomies fall in love and get married, leaving Stan to deal with a new stepdad. FOX 

10:00 – Homeland – “I’ll Fly Away” - Brody’s juggling of alliances appear to be leading him to a major meltdown, so Carrie, against Quinn’s orders, stages a dicey intervention. Showtime

10:00 – Treme – “Poor’s Man Paradise” - Janette’s restaurant is the talk of the town, but the popularity of a signature dish has her chefs feeling the heat in the kitchen. HBO

12:00 – Robot Chicken – “Collateral Damage in Gang Turf War” - You know what it is. Adult Swim 

12:15 – Superjail! – “Oedipusmess” - An inmate becomes a father. Adult Swim


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