What’s Good on the TV? – Monday January 16th, 2012

I’d like to attempt to do a daily post about what’s good on television that night. Hopefully I can keep up. Check out the picks below.

7:30 – Adventure Time – “Paper Wars; Beautopia” - In the first segment Finn and Jake have to help library books from evil, and in the second Sue Strong again needs their help. Cartoon Network

8:00 – Regular Show – “Weekend at Benson’s; Karaoke Video” – the dudes knock Benson out, and they try to track down an embarrassing karaoke video. Cartoon Network

8:00 – Alcatraz – “Pilot; Ernest Cobb” – The first episode of the newest JJ Abrams show. In this episode a task force forms to stop inmates from the prison in the 60’s who have mysteriously time traveled to the present. FOX

9:00 – Being Human – “Turn This Mother Out” – The premiere of the second season of the American version of this show where a vampire, werewolf, and ghost try to live normal lives. SyFy

9:30 – Betty White’s Off Their Rockers - This show is basically Punk’d with older people. Older people pranking younger people. NBC

10:00 – Lost Girl – “It’s a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World” – The premiere of a show where a girl finds out she’s a succubus and isn’t alone in her oddity. SyFy

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