What’s Good on the TV? – Friday October 5th, 2012

Almost everything is on at the same time tonight.

9:00 – Boss – “Consequence” – Kane reluctantly enters an alliance with a longtime foe on City Council, but he soon realizes that more serious measures must be undertaken to stave off bankruptcy. Starz

9:00 – Fringe – “In Absentia” – Members of the Fringe team go to Walter’s former lab at Harvard looking for crucial information that could aid their current rebellion against the Observer overlords. FOX

9:00 – Gravity Falls – “Summerween” - Dipper and Mabel go trick-or-treating in the summer and encounter a candy-loving monster who threatens to devour them if they don’t bring him sweet things to eat. Disney

9:00 – Grimm – “Over My Dead Body” – Monroe’s old flame Angelina returns with a warning that he may be in danger due to his continuing alliance with Nick. NBC

10:00 – Haven – “The Farmer” - A Boston cop connects a murder in Haven to similar crimes, leading Audrey and Nathan to suspect they are dealing with a killer who is harvesting organs. SyFy

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