What’s Good on the TV? – Friday October 26th, 2012

I don’t know what the hell happened to this post yesterday. I wrote it, and I think my phone ate it.

8:00 – Mockingbird Lane - A remake of The Munsters. NBC

8:30 – Motorcity – “Mayhem Night” - The Terra Dwellers ambush the Burners on Halloween. Disney XD

9:00 – Fringe – “The Bullet That Saved the World” - The Fringe team wonder if a recently resurfaced Broyles can be trusted when they find themselves in hostile territory. FOX

9:00 – Grimm – “La Llorona” - Nick and Hank team with an Albuquerque detective to solve a recent rash of child abductions, and Nick starts to notice correlations between the case and a Hispanic legend that has links to his own family history. NBC

9:00 – Nikita – “Innocence” – Nikita tries to rescue a brainwashed girl before she can detonate a bomb aimed at a high-level target. CW

10:00 – Haven – “Real Estate” - Audrey, Nathan and Duke find themselves trapped inside a notorious haunted house on Halloween night. SyFy

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