What’s Good on the TV? – Friday January 27th, 2012

It’s hard writing something that’s based on facts every day (I get to do whatever I want for Nerd Shirt of the Day). I’m sorry this hasn’t been fully kept up.
Anyway, tonight features a goodbye to what’s somewhat of a cult hit, and the return of a show that had to replace their star after his death. If you stay home and watch TV on Friday you’ll want to check this out.

8:00 Chuck – “Chuck Versus Sarah” - Sarah does a mission without Chuck. I haven’t watched this show since season 2. NBC

9:00 Chuck – ” Chuck Versus the Goodbye” – The series finale. Bummer for fans of the show. NBC

9:00 Fringe – “Forced Perspective” – Olivia is thinking about something said by the Observers, while Peter is looking for a girl who can see the future. FOX

10:00 Merlin – “Aithusa” – A man shows up in Camelot claiming he has a way to the last dragon’s egg. SyFy

10:00 Spartacus: Vengeance – “Fugitivus” - The premiere of season two of the hit Starz show. Starz

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