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What’s Good on the TV? – Friday January 25th, 2013

vh1 best week everBest Week Ever should continue to shine some light on the weekly craziness.

8:00 – Nikita – “Aftermath” - Nikita and Owen face off against a rogue agent. CW

9:00 – Spartacus: Vengeance – “Enemies of Rome” - Spartacus sees his army grow and deal a serious blow to Rome’s fighting legions, which leads Roman officials to seek empire-saving funding from the aristocratic and ambitious Marcus Crassus. Starz

10:00 – Best Week Ever – Who had the best week ever? Last week it was the influenza virus. VH1

10:00 – Billy on the Street – If you ever actually see Billy on the Street and you say you prefer anyone over Meryl Streep he will PROBABLY knife you. Fair warning. Fuse

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