What’s Good on the TV? – Friday February 17th, 2012

It’s a sci-fi/fantasy kind of night.

9:00 – Fringe – “A Better Human Being” - A patient with a mental disorder seems to be linked to a series of murders, but the ensuing investigation helps Olivia discover even more surprises. FOX

9:00 – Supernatural – “Repo Man” – A demon that once murdered women in a small town resurfaces and embarks on another killing spree. Sam and Dean visit a man once possessed by the demon to see if he can remember any of the demonic beast’s plans. CW

10:00 – Merlin – “The Secret Sharer” - Morgana and the wizard Alator threaten to upend Camelot by revealing Merlin’s secret. SyFy

10:00 – Spartacus: Vengeance – “Empty Hands” – While Spartacus attempts to lead survivors through the woods to safety, Crixus becomes separated from the group and finds himself at a place that dredges up painful memories. Elsewhere, Lucretia digs into Ilithyia’s past to seek favor with a high-ranking Roman. Starz

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