What’s Good on the TV? (And Why) – Friday May 3rd, 2013

bwe bynesingGrimm has moved on to greener pastures(Tuesdays), but there’s still enough to satisfy your television appetite. You could also watch all of these without any conflicts.

8:00 – Happy Endings – “Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce” - Penny’s mom and Dave’s dad, who have been dating, visit and announce that they’d like to adopt a baby. ABC
Why Should I Watch? –
Happy Endings is a very good show. If you don’t watch it ABC is going to cancel it. Then maybe USA would pick it up, but that’s not a definite.

8:30 – Happy Endings – “Brothas & Sisters” – Alex and Jane’s older sister, the alpha female, is getting married, and Jane is charged with planning the wedding. ABC
Why Should I Watch? –
Everything I said above, plus this is the season finale.

9:00 – Da Vinci’s Demons – “The Magician” – Bechhi is accused of spying for Rome and arrested; Leonardo unveils his latest weapon when the armies of Rome and Florence square off. Later, at a party in his honor, Leonardo is arrested and charged with sodomy. STARZ
Why Should I Watch? –
It seems to be touching on the speculation that Da Vinci was gay. Assassin’s Creed didn’t touch on that.

10:00 – Best Week Ever – Who had it? Was it me? No… VH1
Why Should I Watch? –
We get to find out who had the best week. And funny clips will be shown.

11:00 – Vice -“Winners and Losers” – Stories on the children of polygamy, a culture where fat is beautiful, and India’s economic divide. HBO
Why Should I Watch? -
It’s about the real world, and interesting things happening within it.

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