Game of Thrones – Lord Snow – An Unfamiliar Perspective

This week was kind of crazy. So much to remember about┬áback-story, so much confusion. If I hadn’t read the character guide on for this show I would have been completely lost during most of the references throughout this episode.

  • What happened in the throne room? (check the show guide under “Stark” for the answer to this)
  • So the kingdom owes the Lannister’s 6 million in gold?
  • Was that doll Ned’s way of saying “Sorry I killed your direwolf”?
  • Yes Ned, how can you let Sansa marry someone like Joffrey?
  • Are the seasons like Alaska in this show(long winters/long ‘summers’?) Or do they not follow the same seasonal patterns that the majority of our world does?
  • Where the hell are they going to put 100 feet of snow?
  • Does Bran really not remember anything, or is he just saying that?
  • Is Tyrion less innocent than he seems, or does he just leave his daggers lying around to be used by other family members?
  • Is Viserys going to get what’s coming to him for all the crimes against his sister?
  • Who exactly does Jorah Mormont have to tell of Daenerys pregnancy?
  • Is Ned Stark remembering something, or seeing something to come?

I feel like I had less questions about this episode as it didn’t introduce as many new things/characters as the first two episodes did. And like I said before, I would have been pretty lost had I not read the character guide.

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