New Game Day – Dragon Age 2

I LOVED the demo for Dragon Age 2. It did an amazing job of getting me amped up for the release of the full version. A  more Mass Effect style conversation system was one of the only things I wish the first game had, and now it does! I can’t wait to play it.

MLB 11: The Show also comes out today. The demo didn’t have the same effect that Dragon Age’s did. They made the controls all analog, which kind of makes everything unnecessarily difficult. I’m sure the booklet that comes with the game will explain how to do everything a lot better than the demo did, but be prepared for a learning curve. You should also mentally prepare yourself for fielding errors because you hit a button to throw to a base, or you didn’t push the stick in the right direction hard enough, or you pushed it too hard. I can’t bash MLB 11 anymore because I haven’t played it, but I’m not exactly excited to either.

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