Fueled By Rage and DJ Shadow

In Splinter Cell: Conviction you again play as Sam Fisher. He’s no longer with Third Echelon and looking into the murder of his daughter Sarah. After a friend within Third Echelon tells you where to find Sarah’s killer you are back in action, but without any agency support. You later learn of a terrorist plot to take over Washington and you have to foil that plan.  I’m over simplifying it, but I don’t really want to spoil anything.


  • The story of the game is pretty good and plays out like a short season of 24. The co-op mode, which acts as a prequel to the main campaign isn’t completely essential, but should really be played through to get the full experience.
  • When you have to use stealth the game is fantastic. Sure, the mark and execute system feels like cheating if you use it in the middle of a room and take out 3 or 4 guys on opposite sides. But, if you use it on guys standing near each other it seems like something you’d realistically be able to do.
  • Speaking of stealth, Hunter, a game mode where your objective is to take out 10 guys while remaining unnoticed (which increase by 10 more if you’re spotted or use an unsuppressed weapon) for each zone through 5 zones, is a fantastic game mode. It’s extremely addictive and can be played in co-op either online or via split-screen.
  • Infiltration, a game mode you can download for free from Ubisoft’s Uplay platform uses the same maps, but adds roaming cameras and laser traps. If you get spotted, heard, or trip an alarm you fail. It’s difficult but rewarding.
  • Face-Off, a game mode where you and another player are tasked with killing each other while staying alive and killing AI bots is another star here. This could get addictive fast. This and Hunter/Infiltration gives this game the legs to make it a worthwhile purchase.


  • While Hunter is a great game mode and as addictive as Rainbow Six Vegas’ Terrorist Hunt it suffers from some of the same problems. For instance, if you do trigger the 10 more enemies they have a tendency of spawning in strange areas, such as right behind you. I had this happen to me on multiple occasions. They also don’t all spawn at the same time. You can clear a room of 3 guys and suddenly there’s a guy behind a pillar who wasn’t anywhere near you before you killed the other guys.
  • Last Stand is a game mode where you, either by yourself or with a friend, attempt to prevent an EMP from being destroyed by gunmen. This is basically a protection based game mode.  Where’s the semblance of stealth in this mode? A mode like this works in games like Gears of War, but not here.
  • Remember what I said about 24? With Sam Fisher it’s more like 5. Yes, the campaign is around 5 hours long.

The campaign is good and fun, but it’s too short to be anything more than a rental if that’s all you’re interested in.  The “multiplayer” however is enough to warrant a purchase at its now discounted price if you’re a fan of terrorist hunt type game modes, or if you and a friend want to sneak round shooting each other in the face. Good luck beating all the maps for Infiltration on Realistic.

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