Party Time With a Little Help From My Friends

I was really busy for the past few weeks, so I’m going to do some catching up.

In the 6th episode of Alphas, “Bill and Gary’s Excellent Adventure”, Bill and Gary team up to help solve a kidnapping case in order to help Bill get back into the FBI. It’s a non alpha Alphas case as Bill eventually gets the whole gang in on the fun.


  • Gary was somewhat less annoying than he usually is.
  • There was way too much Gary.
  • Chase and Nina hooked up. It adds an odd element to the show if they decide to continue, even though it seemed like they weren’t going to.
  • Chase can also suddenly dodge bullets. I get that his ability puts him “in tune with everything” , but I don’t think it gives him super-human speed. This scene was especially funny because a few minutes before he was having trouble pulling himself up over a fire escape.
In comparison to others this wasn’t a bad episode, and like I said, it somehow made Gary a little less annoying. Having said that, it wasn’t great, and like I’ve been saying this show needs a continuing¬†story-line¬†where they go after the Alpha terrorist group Red Flag.
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