What Would You Do for a Flying Car?

Terrafugia has just gotten their newest little creation, the Terrafugia Transition, “off the ground.” (Oh God I’m so clever)  Apparently the FAA has classified it as a light sport aircraft, technically giving it a free pass despite being a little heavier than the cutoff point.  This is pretty crazy.  I’ve been waiting for flying cars for a while now.  It’s not exactly what I was thinking (kind of pictured more of a wingless concept, maybe capitalizing on anti-gravity or something) but hey, I’m thoroughly intrigued.  Now all that’s keeping me on the ground is a fear of heights/fear of my own ability to fly an aircraft of any sort.

So we have some semi-affordable flying cars.  Right on.  I mean, I can’t possibly afford it.  $194,000?  Nope.  Not me.  Not my broke ass.  But don’t you realize this changes the game so much?  Carjackings could now become air-space incidents.  A flat tire is nothing compared to a busted wing and your vehicle stuck in an office building.  You afraid of running over a deer?  Enjoy accidentally flying into that flock of geese.  From what I understand, this car kind of operates the same way those cars that turn into boats work.  First it’s one, then the other.  So I can stick to land if I’m terrified I might die in the sky.  Good to know.

What’s really strange is that this is all that comes to mind when I think of the flying car:

You can check them out over yonder.

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