Fight Mashup Fiasco

If you’re a fan of Street Fighter first, then also Tekken, or just interested in using newer characters to the Street Fighter universe, then you were probably pretty excited for Street Fighter X Tekken. The game takes some of the most popular characters from both franchises and puts them all in a two-on-two fighting game. It’s like Tekken Tag that also features Street Fighter characters.

But then the unthinkable happened and we all found out that Capcom was holding back a lot of the content on the disc so they could then sell you unlock codes. For shame, Capcom!


  • The fighting mechanics are pretty solid. You can play your characters off of each other by switching on the fly, and there’s a gem system you can use to further tweak the fights to your style.
  • The backgrounds are alive with movement and are nods to both franchises, well, and Jurassic Park.
  • The PS3 version has two on two online gameplay. The replay channel can also be very addictive if you like watching other people play.


  • Only the PS3 has the two on two fighting. They scrapped it for the Xbox 360 version. There’s also more console exclusives for the PS3 version including 5 characters. Apparently Capcom really wants you to get this for the PS3.
  • On disc DLC. Not just some of it, but a lot of it. And Capcom handled it in a really shitty way. There’s something like over 50 disc locked costumes that they want you to pay $2 a piece for, and 10 characters. It’s a sad cash-grab that a lot of people aren’t going to stand for.

Street Fighter X Tekken is a really good fighting game, it’s just not the complete game. As Capcom has proved over and over again buying the first version of a fighting game they put out is like buying an unfinished version of an upcoming game. Wait until they release the Super or Ultimate version to pick this up if you can.

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