Feel the Wrath

Perseus defeated the Kraken and saved, well, everything. Now it’s about 10 years after that. He has a son, stupid hair, his wife couldn’t be recast (so she’s dead), and he still has an estranged relationship with his father Zeus.

Hades and Ares team up to imprison Zeus and use his power to awaken Cronos. I honestly don’t remember the point of them doing this, but aiding someone who can destroy the entire world you live in is never a good idea.

Perseus then goes “Whaaaa? I have a son! “, because Sam Worthington isn’t a great actor. Once his village is attacked, and he kills the monster, despite the impossible odds, he embarks on a journey to free his father and save the world, again.

Do you like how the image I chose shows how dated this review is? Damn right you do.


  • It’s better than Clash of the Titans. In some ways at least. I liked the relationship between Perseus and his cousin Agenor. Well, maybe I just liked the idea of the two of them adventuring together.


  • It still plays out like a video game that consists of the characters going from boss fight to boss fight a lot of the time.
  • Jonathan Liebesman didn’t shoot this in 3D, even though it was being released that way, and then decided to add a bunch of stuff that would come out of the screen later on. That’s fine. That’s how B-movies in 3D do things. But, what he did to compensate was add a LOT of floating debris to scenes. It seemed like every scene had dust or burning embers floating in the foreground. It was really overdone.
  • I don’t like to be harsh, but sometimes it seems like no one reads scripts like this so the producers know a scene doesn’t make sense. When Perseus flies on Pegasus towards Andromeda’s camp her soldiers freak out and start shooting arrows. Then before he even lands they stop and start cheering for him. “KILL HIM! Wait! Whoever that is is now here, Yay! ” It’s ridiculous.

I took my father, who is the best shitty-action-movie-test(as an example, he’s excited for Battleship) , to see this and he said it was OK. He found faults in a lot of the same areas I did. He did really like a scene where a CG rock flew out of the screen though.

Wrath of the Titans improves on the Clash of the Titans remake, but that was so bad it’s not a great accomplishment. It’s hard to recommend this to anyone after someone like my father, who owns all of the Transformers movies and Battle: Los Angeles on Blu-Ray, didn’t like it. Wait until you can rent it.

Editor’s note: I want to make it clear that I’m not making fun of my father’s taste in movies. I wish all those huge budget action movies were awesome to me , but they’re not.

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