Fake Criterions

Fake Criterions is a Tumblr that features user submitted images that are fake Criterion edition covers of movies that we assume would never get Criterion editions. I say assume because The Rock has a Criterion edition and Total Recall deserves one WAY more than The Rock. Check out more of what I feel are some of the best below.

I reviewed Drive Angry and I liked it. Guess what? I still like it.


This one is really well done.


Have you ever seen this? It is RIDICULOUS! So much so that it was hard to watch. As a Batman fan it’s borderline offensive.


The Tom Green ‘classic’


This Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah travesty was on TV the other day. Who let Gisele Bundchen in a movie?


When I was a kid I loved this movie, now it’s unwatchable.


This movie is so bad it’s good.

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