Face Off – Who’s the New Who?

The contestants were tasked with creating original human hybrid characters based on characters from Dr Seuss’ Sleep Book. Brian Grazer was a guest judge.

Short descriptions are good. On to the make-ups!

Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Alana – Offt - The costume was weird. Why did it have normal human hands? It was also all just one big piece with seemingly no color added in. When was the last time you saw an animal that was all one color with no changes in its coat? The cowl piece might have been cool, but the circular parts were covered in hair. The face wasn’t great either. This was quite bad. It’s bad when the contestant doesn’t even like their own effort. Alana was justifiably eliminated for this look.


Derek – Snorter McPhail - What did Derek do? Not much. I wonder why he had so much free time. Wait, no I don’t. It’s because he didn’t do too much. If you’re going to do that little, your face sculpt and make-up should be AMAZING, but it wasn’t. It was too plain and uninspired. The nose was cool, but that’s where it ended. It looked like a drugged up panhandler.


Sarah – Hinkle Horn Honker - The face was terrible. There was nothing I liked about the face. The hair was kind of cool, but not cool enough to draw the eye from the terrible face. Boring costume with just pajamas. On a positive note I did like the horn she made. That was easily the best part of her character.



The Good :

Nicole – Bumble Tub - I liked the face. As far as Seuss/human hybrids go it looked like a Dr. Seuss version of Joan Rivers, so that was cool. The costume was a little too bland though.  The hair was good, but I feel like it could have been even better. Overall strong effort from Nicole. She won for her great Seussian face.


Roy – Foona Lagoona Baboona - This thing was quite creepy. Weird horror movie creepy. It looked like a rejected character from Planet of the Apes at some angles (I thought that before I heard a judge say it). Having said that, it was still pretty well executed. You could tell he put a lot of work into the body sculpt as well.


Laura – Chippendale Mupp - Laura isn’t usually in this section because of who she is, she’s usually here because of what she does. She does great work. She sculpted a great face, and on top that laid down an excellent paint job. It would have been nice to see the character be more colorful, but the palette she went with worked fine and was true to the book.



This was definitely one of those weeks where the good were GOOD, and the bads were BAD. What’d you think? TELL ME

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