Face Off – Year of the Dragon

On last week’s episode the contestants were paired up and tasked with creating a make-up that reflected Chinese dragons and incorporated both of their Chinese zodiac symbols. As a final test their models will be doing a dragon dance while wearing the make-up.

The Bad :

Sarah & Eric – Boar/Monkey - A shit show from beginning to end. The nose was lopsided,the teeth were bad, the tusks looked like pieces of candy, and the paint job was HORRIBLE. A few pairs did horns, but only one made horrible horns. This was the team that made horrible horns. Don’t add last minute things like that.  Eric deservingly went home for this.

Jason & Roy – Rabbit/Snake - The face was cool. I’ll give them that, but what was up with the red? These people need to learn that bright shades of red like that almost never work. Also, the costume was way too much. Roy let me down last week.

In Between :

Rod & Nicole – Snake/Rat - I can’t say much bad about this. I liked the face a lot. Notice how they ended up using Rod’s face sculpt instead of Nicole’s? The rats under the skin was a great touch. I had issue with how open the model’s mouth was. It made me wonder if the teeth were fake. Either way, they didn’t flow with the rest of it. This looked like a character from Big Trouble in Little China, which is nice.

The Good :

Alana & Laura – Goat/Rat - Laura is awesome, she has yet to disappoint. Alana slicing her finger might have worked in Laura’s favor giving her more time to work on the items alone. The goat/rat collaboration was pretty strong. The only thing I didn’t really like was the teeth. Laura did more for the positive in this than Alana did.

Derek & Tommy – Monkey/Ox - A dragon looking face featuring a baboon nose with a ring through the nose reminiscent of an ox? Fantastic. These guys really did work well together. You could tell the face and cowl were two separate pieces, but they did look enough alike where it looked like the same person designed them. I have to give it up to Derek for seemingly redeeming himself after a few rough weeks. I thought he was a terrible sculptor until this make-up was finished.


What’d you think of the episode?

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