Face Off – Water World

I’m writing about Face Off a little later this week because of having to devote a lot of time this week to movie watching for our Best of 2011 podcast we recorded last night.

In episode two of season two the make-up artists were split into random teams of two and tasked with creating a creature based on a marine animal in the aquarium they were brought to. Because of Brea’s win last week she got to choose which team of two she would like to work with.

Let’s go character by character and start off with the bad. Closer pictures below.

The Bad:

Beki and Miranda – Sea Dragon - Beki spent a lot of the episode pissed off that she “let” Brea win the previous challenge and arguing with her teammate Miranda. This led to a look with a horrible face. The back looked like it had bathtub cushions on it. The fabric didn’t work for me either.  It was better underwater, but it still didn’t impress me very much.

Jerry & Nix – Sea Turtle - The masks eyes looked weird, the back was terrible, and the paint job was also pretty damn terrible. The green of the shell was so bright it offended my eyes. Not only did their sculpture not work in the water, again, the back of that shell was just terrible. All of the paint was coming off, all of the sculpting was coming off. This was by far the worst of the episode.

In Between:

Sue, Rayce, and Brea – Sea Dragon - The face on this was pretty sick. I’m going to try and not pick favorites here yet, but I’m guessing Rayce did the sculpture for the face. I didn’t really see enough of this to really love it or hate it.

Ian and RJ – Zebra Shark - These guys nailed the face. It looked mean, it looked cool, and it was consistent. The suit did hide a lot of possible make-up space making them seem lazy, and it ruined the look in the water, but the make up was done very well.


The Good:

Heather and Athena – Lionfish - Out of water the face looked big and clunky, but it did look a lot more fitting in the water and it held together pretty damn well. I like how Heather decided to go more with a realistic face for their creation.

Matt & Tara – Lyretail Fairy Basslet - I didn’t dig the weird cellophane type material on the back. It did look really cool the way it sparkled in the water. The horn like things coming off of the head were very cool looking. It would have fit in a Guillermo Del Toro movie. This was my favorite of the episode. The judges agreed that this was the best of the episode. I do, however, feel that Tara should have won because of her idea for how to hide the edges and the way it sparkled in the water was mostly due to her.

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