Face Off – The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge

I came into this episode thinking I would only have to write about three characters, but they threw a curve-ball and had each designer oversee three characters that each fit within a genre of their choosing (fantasy, sci-fi, horror). The characters were then going to end up dancing to a shitty song during the show in front of a live audience.

Rayce – Sci-Fi - Why the hell did Rayce choose Jerry first? Not only was he consistently shitty throughout the season, he told RJ he was going to win. Did he not think Beki would have done sci-fi well? Rayce’s first character was OK, his face looked slightly off, the neck wasn’t blended well, and the edges on the torso were easy to make out. The character that had the two faces, her mask was great, but it got really dodgy around the mouth. I really dug the guy with the spines coming out of his back. I think there were a lot of good things going on there. Even though his make-ups had flaws, Rayce’s, mostly because of the entire concept and how it worked together, was my favorite. He deserved the win.

Rayce’s characters:

RJ – Fantasy - RJ had a strong teammate in Beki and a lot of dead weight in Athena and Brea. RJ’s group was kind of a mess. The male character’s face looked weird, and you could tell the earth mother was painted by “master body painter” Athena because the paint sucked. The phoenix, despite having her beak be asymmetrically off, looked pretty cool though.

RJ’s characters :

Ian – Horror - Ian wasn’t comfortable directing the people he was in charge of. His team also seemed to make poor use of their time. I was not a fan of his demonic guy character, his face looked really choppy. I also wasn’t a fan of the goat looking one either. I felt like I could see cracks in the mask. The only one that I thought was done well upon first glance was the one that had the cage over her head.

Ian’s character’s :


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