Face Off – Triple Threat

The surprise that carried over from last week ended up being that their foundation challenge started right after the last spotlight challenge was over.

The challenge was to give runway models a make under. Rayce won and secured immunity for himself.

The spotlight challenge was to age a set of triplets to different points in their lives which were: 50, 75, and 100 years old. They threw the contestants a curve ball by telling them they were working on twins, then introducing the triplets later.

Let’s start with the bad.

Unfortunately there weren’t pictures for all of the finished make ups available.

 The Bad :

Tara - What happened to sweet Tara? She was getting upset with her teammates, said her team was the least experienced, and was kind of losing it this week. Her make up wasn’t terrible, but it did look like a bad Doc Brown from Back to the Future. He also had a weird piece of skin hanging off the side of his mouth.

Beki – It looked wet and gross. Is this what Beki thinks people’s faces look like? It just seemed completely anatomically incorrect. I’ve seen people with jowls, and they never looked this weird. It was a bad sculpture, and Beki is usually a great sculptor.

Matt - I wish there was a picture of this one so you could see how crazy the model’s head looked. His hair was really terrible too. Glenn calling him a were-Chia was spot on. If Heather didn’t blow it as bad as she did, Matt’s Frankenstein’s monster forehead might have got him kicked off the show.

Ian – She doesn’t look 75 at all. Where were her wrinkles? It just looks like her skin is damaged. This one is definitely way too little.

Heather - What an abomination. Heather’s make-up looked like she was trying to make it funny. It looked like a Nutty Professor reject. Melted looking and way too shiny. This was bad. Heather deserved to go home for this.

RJ - Look, I know his model had a reaction to the make-up, and he had to put it on someone he didn’t make it for. After taking all of that into consideration I still didn’t like it that much. It wasn’t bad, so maybe it doesn’t deserve to be here, but I just wasn’t really impressed.

The Good :

Jerry –  OK, Jerry kind of killed it this week. I thought the neck was a little too much when I first saw it, then I saw Alan Alda and I realized that’s just how older people’s necks tend to look. Sue did a good job, but I think Jerry might actually have deserved to take this one.

Rayce - They said this was too subtle, but I liked it. I think it was a great ‘less is more’ approach, and he didn’t make her look too crazy. Most of the other 50 year old’s looked 65, but Rayce’s actually looked 50.

Sue – Sue’s make up reminded me of Johnny Knoville in the Jackass movies, and I guess if it reminds me of movie make up then it’s good right? I didn’t like how the mole on his face looked golden brown though.



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