Face Off – Supermobile

I’m still catching up. I meant to post this yesterday, but couldn’t get around to it. Last night’s episode WILL be up later today, unless some sort of disaster happens.

The contestants were split up into teams of two and tasked with creating a super hero and sidekick based around a car the super hero would drive. They got to choose from six different cars.

Do I have to do both together? Damn it! Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Jason & Roy - Jason messed up and made the face the wrong color, so it just looked off. Roy made a face resembling last week’s queen, then had to change it to be different but didn’t completely succeed. I liked the concept they came up with, but the execution on the props definitely took away from it. They just looked like someone made them and painted them in a garage. I wasn’t a fan of the costumes either.

Derek & Sarah - Derek made a physically deformed Hellboy looking guy and Sarah did almost nothing. On top of doing very little, she didn’t even do a great job on the scar. The eye patch idea Kevin Smith had (having it be held in with a spike) would have greatly improved that too. Instead it just looked like a weird floating bacon eye patch.

The Good :

Tommy & Laura - Tommy’s character was very low budget film. His burned face looked really off, and the props weren’t great. Tommy is in the “Good” this week solely because he was partnered with Laura. Laura is great. Her super hero was awesome. The color scheme and paint job is one of my favorites from this season so far. She executed everything exactly how it should’ve been done.

Alana & Roy - I’m definitely not a fan of Alana, and I thought her face sculpt wasn’t great, but it was better than Tommy’s. Roy’s goblin creature was awesome though. They also actually looked like a team, and like the judges said, they definitely accurately represented their car. Their cohesiveness, overseen by Roy, earned them the win. Roy is on a tear this season and should have won over Alana. Maybe they didn’t want to give Roy two individual wins in a row?

What did you think?

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