Face Off – Rock Your Body

In the third episode of season two of SyFy’s Face Off the contestants were tasked with painting nude models both into a background and have another model somehow interacting with that same background.

In the foundation challenge the contestants had to split into teams of three and each work on a character in succession without sharing details on what they were going for. Beki’s team won, and since she started the character she won and was rewarded with immunity.

Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

 Sue & Heather - Look, this isn’t terrible, but is it good? No, it’s not. The concept is fun, but the execution is, off. The legs of the guy that’s being blended are pretty bad. The lines for what I think are a bridge don’t line up, and the portion of his legs that are supposed to be mountains are pretty devoid of detail. The idea of painting another person as an elephant is kind of clever, but it seems pretty lazy considering the amount of work a lot of other people put into their painting.

Jerry & Tara - For the first time this season I don’t hate what Jerry did. His model (the one who was blended) was actually pretty well done. Tara’s however was BAD. It was very bland, and the paint-job was quite terrible. Tara probably performed the worst this episode, but given that she should have won last week, and she killed it the first week I think the judges let her slide on this one.

Miranda & Ian – Didn’t Miranda and Ian have something like the second or third pick? Then why did they pick a background that they had no ideas for? They really underestimated how hard it would be to blend someone into the leaves. If they stuck to Ian’s original idea to have the face sticking out of the bushes, and they made it look like the guy was blended in except for his head, and he was drinking from the cup that the woman was trying to grab, then Tara would have gone home. But since Tara has done better than Miranda throughout the competition so far, they let Miranda go. Her blending paint skills weren’t too great though. Ian didn’t do fantastic either, but like I said, the biggest fail was the concept. Isn’t that picnic table on gravel? You can’t skate on gravel.


RJ & Athena - I didn’t hate this. It’s just a little too weird. I have no idea what Athena was thinking with this design. I’m really starting to get annoyed by her proclamation that she’s a master body painter. She hasn’t done anything that spectacular yet, and her make-up skills otherwise are pretty shitty. RJ’s blend was better than average though.


Beki & Rayce -  This was the first challenge where they really split everything into equally judge-able parts for every person by having each contestant work on a single model. Having said that, Beki’s blend person was pretty bad. He doesn’t really blend with the background like he should.

Brea & Matt - You’re probably thinking “What? He thinks all of them were bad?” But keep reading. I think Brea’s basketball player is bad. Yes, she had to do it twice because her original model passed out, but how do you do a single character just two colors and not completely nail it? Like the judges said her lettering was bad. She should have had everything perfect with such a simple concept.


The Good :

Beki & Rayce - Rayce has been impressing me throughout this entire season so far. I really liked the woman that was trying to pull the man out of the background that he painted. Keep up the good work Rayce.


Brea & Matt - Matt freaking KILLED IT. Sure, the basketball butt isn’t fantastic, but he took the sneaker background that everyone was afraid of and showed people how it was done. He totally deserved to win. This was the first week where I think the winner actually deserved it more than everyone else.

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