Face Off – Return to Oz

On Wednesday’s episode of Face Off the contestants were challenged with splitting into teams (men vs. women), and creating four iconic characters in a unique way.

It’s too early for me to know anyone’s name, judge or contestant, but some people did a lot better than others with this challenge.

Let’s go character by character and start off with the bad. Closer pictures below.

The Bad:

Men’s Scarecrow - the execution wasn’t terrible, it was just boring. This really suffered from the neutering of the original scarecrow design, which if executed would have been awesome.

Women’s Tin Woodsman - is he wearing a monocle? Why is half of his face covered in that tubed mask? That chest plate? Damn that chest plate was ugly.

Men’s Wicked Witch - for some reason this got praise from the judges, but it is U-G-L-Y! It’s not the worst from the men, but with that old 80’s rocker hair and how shitty the mouth looked I’m surprised this didn’t get ripped apart.

Women’s Cowardly Lion - it looked like a character out of a shitty romance novel with anthropomorphic characters. I get that he’s anthropomorphic anyway, but this looked like a lion Fabio in a vest with tribal tattoos, it was terrible.

Men’s Tin Woodsman - the design that got someone sent home. When you see the close up shot you realize how terrible the arm hair looked, the chest was bad, and that mask reminded me of a pig in Angry Birds. Just bad all around.

The Good:

Women’s Scarecrow - one woman did this. The metal in the eye, and just the general creativity that went into the design was great.

Men’s Cowardly Lion - this looked more emaciated than cowardly in the body department, but the face was amazing. The women were lucky the other stuff the men did sucked or this could have won.

Women’s Wicked Witch - she looked different from what you would expect, but it wasn’t incredibly drastic. They kept it simple, but the work they did was fantastic. Such a good decision for a timed show like this.

The women’s characters


The men’s characters

There you have it, the women won the challenge, with the woman who did most of the work on the Wicked Witch taking the individual victory. A couple of the women were very lucky, because the one who did the Tin Woodsman’s chest and the woman who painted the Cowardly Lion’s body were easily candidates for the loss.

For more images go here.

Check out the next episode of Face Off Wednesday at 10pm on SyFy.

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