Face Off – Night Terrors

The contestants had to create a horror character based on a phobia that was written in glow in the dark ink on the wall of an abandoned mental hospital. They then had to sketch their design alone in the dark.

Some of the designs looked amazing. Let’s see how their characters turned out. And as usual we’ll start with the bad.

The Bad :

RJ – Xyrophobia – Fear of Razor Blades - RJ’s concept was cool, but the execution on the face was kind of terrible. It looked like a poorly put together Halloween mask.

Matt – Xerophobia – Fear of Dryness - Hey, Matt redid his scarecrow from week 1 with a horrible looking mouth! What was he thinking on this? You’re losing the good will you’ve built up the past couple weeks Matt. Why would skin grow over non existent eyes if they were super dry? If he sunk the eye sockets in it would have worked, but this didn’t.

Heather – Ornithophobia – Fear of Birds - Heather’s had bad costume quality to it. It wasn’t scary either. He just looked like he had a bird mask and random spots of feathers on his body. How much work did she put into this? Those wings must have taken a long time to make, but I feel like in doing so the entire torso suffered.

Rayce – Chryophobia – Fear of Frost/Ice - Rayce made a cool mask, a very very cool mask, but the neck was all jacked up, and the tubes made him look like Mr Freeze. One of the judges said he looked like a sort of Frankenstein’s monster. At least one of the contestants did that right. If Rayce’s application was better he could have won. This is the best of the bad.

Jerry – Electrophobia – Fear of Electricity - Jerry’s looked like a bad Frankenstein’s monster. I mean, get your friend who has never done make up to help you with your Halloween costume bad. Was this week amateur week? For a guy who keeps saying how much experience he has Jerry’s work keeps contradicting his words.

Tara – Ommetophobia – Fear of Eyes - Tara overthought her design really hard in the beginning, and then had no foundation for her character when she started. Her character wasn’t as bad as I expected. It’s not great, but it’s not awful.

Sue – Hadephobia – Fear of Hell - Sue’s kind of looked like a bad Halloween mask too. She must have spent all of her time on that, because the chest sucks. She just painted him red and put black finger marks on him. Why does he have to hold his head piece on?

Athena – Merinthophobia – Fear of Being Tied Up - Athena’s concept was cool, when she showed her drawing and talked about it it seemed weird, but kind of cool. But, her execution was damn awful. AWFUL! What was with that terrible looking puffed up eye? Athena is a “master body painter” that has yet to prove it. Glenn Hetrick said he didn’t like the directionality of the ropes, which was odd.

Brea – Chemophobia – Fear of Chemicals - Holy shit Brea’s was bad. Her self confidence was staggering given how bad her character looked. It looked like it was supposed to be a burned kid. What the hell was with that side mouth too? From that horrible face she created to the horrible wardrobe choice and lackluster props, this was by far the worst of the episode. In the beginning of the episode Brea said it wasnt fair because chemical burn stuff is what she does, and I wish her luck now, because that was the worst advertisement ever.

The Good :

Beki – Parisitophobia – Fear of Parasites - I like Beki’s work ethic. Her character was actually really cool. The mouth was creepy as hell. It prob had more teeth than Ian’s and his was fear of teeth. I think this was the best of the night.

Ian – Odontophobia – Fear of Teeth - Ian’s was, cool in a cheesy way. He also almost killed his guy with an allergic reaction to the make up, and in a horror challenge that’s a plus, I guess. In all seriousness his design was nice, the head looked like a tooth, and there were teeth in weird places. Joe mentioned how he lucked out that his model got sick because the make up was melting. Ian won this episode for his inventiveness in using seran wrap for texture.

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