Face Off – Monster Twist

A new episode of Face off is on tonight. In last week’s episode the contestants had to work with children to create monsters based on the children’s imagination. They had some crazy/cool ideas.

In what I’ll describe as a Top Chef-ian twist, there was a foundation challenge featuring the already eliminated contestants where they had a chance to redeem themselves and rejoin the show by creating Day of the Dead make-up. The winner was allowed to rejoin the chase for the win. I didn’t like this idea at all seeing as how the people that were eliminated DESERVED to be eliminated. But, Nicole won, and she was probably the most deserving to be back on the show out of everyone that had been eliminated.

On to the spotlight challenge!

Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Alana - The eye on the top of her creature’s head looked cool, but that was pretty much where that ended. The rest of the face was pretty terrible. Just super lumpy with a so-so paint job. The lines she put into the face are exactly the same as she has done to other make-ups in weeks past.

Sarah - The costume looked like a clueless Hawaiian tourist. The head piece, which seems to be the only real make-up is kind of bland, and then she just put sprinkles and goo all over the costume to make it a “sweet” monster. I’m not surprised it took her less an hour to get all the stuff on her model. She seemed to not do too much. On a positive note, I liked what I saw of the teeth.

Nicole - She had a lot to deal with, I’ll give her that. But, having said that, this is a mess. It shows accidentally asymmetry, the edges aren’t good, and that mouth is ridiculous in a bad way. The costume and hair are pretty bad too. It’s like she got another chance and then put forth one of her worst make-ups on the show. I think she can do better.

Derek - I thought the face sculpt was pretty solid. But, the poorly executed wings and costume in general really bring this down a lot. It definitely could have been much better had there not been wings and the face was a little tighter.

Rod - The double mouth thing was weird, the lower mouth was also off-center. Other than that the face was well done. The costume did a great job of hiding the model’s legs and giving her a floating vibe, at least at certain angles. The color and overall face shape reminded me a lot of the seahorse creature Rod did early in the season. He’s talented, but he seems to stick to what he knows. I don’t really think Rod should have been eliminated, but I don’t think he was a strong enough contender for the win this season.

The Good :

Roy - If this was ever in a children’s movie it would give kids nightmares for sure. It was very well done though. I liked how the head came out. The costume was cool, with the face for a hand thing that was going on. I do wish the eyes ended up blinking better though.

Laura - It looked like a Power Rangers villain. Something people into the vinyl toy collecting scene would call a kaiju if they saw a figure of this somewhere. The costume was detailed, but it also reminded me of something from Yo Gabba Gabba by how segmented the whole thing was. She seemed to do to the best with the design she was given though. Her paint job was really solid. The head is pretty amazing honestly. She deservedly won, finally.

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