Face Off – A Force to Be Reckoned With

It’s a new season of Face Off! We get to see 12 new contestants pour their heart and soul into make-ups that sometimes work and sometimes don’t, but will always be commented upon by the colorful Glenn Hetrick.

This week contestants were tasked with creating make-ups that would fit into the cantina scene from the first Star Wars film. A pretty serious task to anyone that is a fan of the film.

It’s a new season, so let me start off by talking a little bit about the foundation challenge, which was judged by Sean Astin. They had to make a unique character and incorporate something from a party they were at into the character. Eric won, even though his brother Derek probably should have, granting him immunity. Mohawked Joe was what should be a distinct last after creating what could only be described as a complete mess.

On to the spotlight challenge.

Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Joe & Tommy - It turns out that Joe, Mr. “people don’t understand my originality”, showed his full hand during the foundation challenge. Well, maybe not his full hand. He still had that, “oh, by the way, I’m also a giant asshole” card up his sleeve. He made Tommy’s experience hell while going on to storming off of the show for being criticized by the judges. At least he sort of did the right thing by eliminating himself from the competition. He definitely deserved to go home, but Glenn might have been pushing for Tommy to go home (who knows) because he seems to hate people that complain about anything.

Derek & CC - A jazzy alien musician was their idea. It was pretty strong in concept, but lacking in execution. Almost every design decision made after the initial design and head sculpt was a poor one. The color choice and paint was awful. He looked more like an angry demon trying to pass off as a jazz musician than anything. What would an alien saxophonist wear? A large black button down shirt, obviously. What would his hair look like? Let’s give him really terrible long hair. You know, like jazz musicians have. It’s an alien, it didn’t need that horrible hair.

Jason & Eric - The most impressive thing about this was the martial arts move their model did while wearing it. In a competition about make-up and creativity that is not a good thing. I thought the head was pretty strong and the paint was decent enough to get by, so it wasn’t all bad. It was leaps and bounds better than the two above it. It just wasn’t that great and had really horrible hands.

The Good:

Nicole & Alana - Alana is Ian from last seasons girlfriend, that’s cute. She also shares Ian’s ability to freak out the entire time, which is a bummer. I took to calling this pair “Team Never Seen Star Wars” and “Team Bright Hair”, because they’re both true. They had a lot of problems with their character. Leading up to last looks almost nothing was actually done, so you kind of have to give them credit for pulling it together the way they did. I didn’t love this, but I liked it much more than any of the three in “The Bad”. It was weird and ruffled looking, but it worked.

Roy & Rod - Talk about using your time to the best of your ability. Roy and Rod created a little MODOK like man for the Star Wars universe sans floating suit. Roy even explained how the character they envisioned was too cheap to buy the floating model, so he had the older version with legs. That was a nice touch. I liked this a lot, especially the suit, but I wasn’t in love with the actual make-up aspect of it. The paint seemed bland to me and the hair was weird. The suit was really the saving grace of the entire thing. This was the winning look, with Rod taking top honors for the make-up aspect. Good for Rod, but his surprise at being announced the winner wasn’t unwarranted, because he knew if it was going to go to one of them it should have been Roy.

Laura & Sarah - If I called Nicole and Alana “Team Never Seen Star Wars” I should call Laura and Sarah “Team Star Wars”. The prize for winning this challenge was having your character featured on starwars.com and also having it transferred to The Clone Wars style. And for that, Laura and Sarah were ROBBED! Look, Roy’s suit was great and all, but this was by far the best Star Wars-esque character. She actually looked like someone you would see in that universe. Was it too inspired by the actual theme of the challenge to win it? She had a breathing mask, wore a cloak, had the right style clothes. I don’t get it. The judges also said this was one of the cleanest make-ups they’d seen on the show, in all seasons. I think the paint job was fantastic. I thought they had this in the bag. This not winning was the first great tragedy of this season.


That’s it. The first week is in the books. Hope you liked the recap. Feel free to comment on anything below.


Here’s the image of Roy and Rod’s character from starwars.com

Anyone else feel like it’s missing controls for the suit? Or is that what those colored gem looking things were supposed to be?


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