Face Off – Dishonorable Proportions

Hey! This episode was on yesterday!

They started with a foundation challenge where they had to do abstract beauty make-up to go with dresses that their models were wearing. Roy won and secured himself immunity.

In the spotlight challenge the contestants had to create an altered(exaggerated proportions) version of one of four character classes from the upcoming game Dishonored.

Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad : 

Sarah – Aristocrat - What happened to focusing on making sure the head/face and edges were great? I paused the show to get a good look at her character’s face and it was really bad. The eye bags weren’t right, the mouth looked awful, the forehead “wrinkles” looked like they were just lines, and the nose was all jacked up. This seemed like another case of accidental asymmetry. The rest of the head, and that bun of hair on the top, damn. Sarah is a bullet dodger, but that can’t last much longer.

Tommy – Thug - Tommy, again, made what reminded me of a low-budget horror movie killer. Except this one had really bad hair and a Fu Manchu mustache. The face was really shoddy and the arms were terrible. Tommy was eliminated for his weird ass face and duct taped arms.

Alana – Weeper - It wasn’t really all that bad as a whole. The spot on the hands they showed wasn’t very good, but the face wasn’t awful. It wasn’t distorted enough though. It was like a conehead vampire.

Derek – Thug - Derek said he was going to try and stay away from what he did last week with the super hero challenge, but then why did he purposefully select a character that had a similar face to what he did the previous week? He sort of cornered himself on this one. Then he made what was basically just a wider version of the super hero face. Adding tattoos isn’t going to change that fact. And the giant arm, that was cracking, isn’t distracting enough for me to hide that you did almost the same thing two weeks in a row. I guess the judges forgot what he did the week before, either that or they didn’t care as much because his make-up this week was on theme, because Derek won.

Roy – City Watch - Roy made what was probably the largest chin ever. The face looked like if Brendan Gleeson was stung by 50 bees. That wasn’t really great. He of course made up for it by making some every cool props, like a giant mechanical hand.

Rod – Aristocrat - The face was HUGE, in a cool way. The glass was an interesting touch, but that tiny sawblade was just weird. I liked the proportion of the head in relation to everything else, but the inability for the model to do anything with the face other than move the mouth made it seem more like a mascot costume than make-up. Did it remind anyone else of John Lithgow?

The Good :

Laura – Weeper - Laura’s character’s face was super cool. The way it was elongated and swept to the left drew the eye, and also reminded me of Edvard Munch’s The Scream. It was kind of a shame that she was just in the middle. I thought this was really strong.

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