Face Off – Dinoplasty

Last episode the contestants had to pick a dinosaur and create a dinosaur/human hybrid.

Ready for the run-down? Let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Sue – (I don’t think they said what kind of dinosaur she did) - The judges seemed to not really dislike any of the designs from this week, so it’s a good thing I’m not a judge. I kind of hated Sue’s. The colors made it look like a cartoon of a dinosaur, and the beak with the fangs was really bad. Sue got the elimination that was coming to her.

Matt – Carnotaurus - Come on Matt, you were supposed to make a dinosaur/human hybrid, not a skeleton man in ancient armor. It just didn’t really look like a dinosaur. Matt’s done some cool stuff on the show, like the sneaker blend and the ice cream man, but this was his last episode.

RJ – Velociraptor - His concept was kooky, and that’s cool, but when it came down to it a lot of the paint made it look boring and fake. I did like the props he made for the character though.

The Good :

Rayce – Corythosaurus - If this show had a moral it would be to not second guess yourself and be resourceful. Rayce was sure from the way his tail skin came out that he couldn’t win, but he pulled it off by actually creating something that looked like a dinosaur. Rayce won, but there was a designer who’s work I liked better.

Ian – Triceratops - Where did Ian come from? Early on in the season I would have been quick to dismiss his chances of winning, now he’s one of three that will win. His Triceratops was great. The head was great and the beak looked super realistic (take notes Sue). I’m not sure how I felt about the hands, but at least they could move.

Find out who wins tonight at 10:00 PM on SyFy.

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