Face Off – Dangerous Beauty

In the 5th episode of this season of Face Off the contestants were challenged with creating a character that was a combination of both a deadly creature and a flower.

Before that they competed in a foundation challenge. In the foundation challenge Sam Huntington from SyFy’s Being Human was a guest judge. The contestants were tasked with creating werewolf wounds. Beki won and was rewarded immunity for her incredibly gory werewolf victim.

Lets hit ‘em wit dem tentacles! (You’ll get it if you have seen or do see the episode) I mean, let’s start with the bad.

The Bad :

Jerry & Matt – African Spotted Leopard/Yellow Iris - Their creature’s head was basically a giant ball. As for the overall look: BORING! It was just a giant head with spots, and a woman with spots down her legs. Leaves on a wooden clasp? What the hell was that about? Jerry makes people that are talented less so.

Athena & Tara – Emerald Tree Boa/Stargazer Lily - Ve was right in criticizing them for not using silicon to give it a shinier look. Their character looked like a cartoon character. Athena’s idea for the scales was very time consuming and bad. The paint was shit too, surprise, Athena did it. Maybe Tara should have been sent home for believing in Athena in the first place. Thankfully Athena, the worst contestant left, was sent home.

Beki & Sue – Cobalt Blue Tarantula/Bird of Paradise - Sue’s idea for the texture wasn’t a great one. Beki’s negativity didn’t help though. Someone on Twitter made a great comment about how their creature looked like a Pokemon. This character was just all kinds of bad. I had a hard time deciding if I liked this or the Emerald Tree Boa/Stargazer Lily less. Sue easily could have gone home for this.

The Good :

Heather & Rayce – Water Monitor/ Firesticks - I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Rayce makes great faces. A tail was a risky venture, but it worked out, it looked pretty real. The only criticism I have is the sketch involved twig like pants, and then they just used really billowy white pants.

RJ & Ian – Panther Chameleon/Lady Slipper Orchid - The plastic back piece is awesome, and a great touch. I didn’t dig the paint on the face, but the whole thing really came together and fit the challenge fantastically.

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